Alma Mater.

This academic oasis displayed itself to me while I mused over the thoughts that this place was a familiar blip in my life’s review mirror. You can relate I’m sure with that déjà vu sensation where you’ve experienced and savored a moment or place before.  In some odd way, I felt as though my college classes were calling.

There existed that expectation where paved trails leading to prodigious educational structures would be brimming with lingering students. Skateboarders zooming past, books dangling from most students and the occasional Starbucks signature cup resolutely in hand as customary for those nocturnal slackers who had spent the night cramming.

Off to the right a small pond was alluringly situated though desolate.  No carefree loungers, diligent readers or occasional musician strumming along with hipster friends bobbing in unison, could be found at its grassy lip. Here, no picnics provoked intrepid squirrels to steal edible treats and no argumentative debates from assemblies of activists carried over to my ears.

Ah well, these weren’t my old stomping grounds.

Upon graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Katie’s mom was eager to stamp her momentous achievement onto the walls of her home. She invited me along on my first visit to exotic Florida Atlantic University where she traced her customary paths, helping me locate the ideal locations. My bewilderment at this campus’ barren landscape led Katie to reveal that quiet was somewhat conventional in commuter schools. An empty university was quite peculiar to me, but I shrugged in acceptance all the same.

Intently, we continued en route to recount her college story as she sat at a crossroads where her convinced mind thought this to be just the beginning of her educational career. Katie was well on her way to be a nutritionist though unsure if she had the heightened confidence to tackle the obstacle of post-graduate study.   All undergrads inevitably meet this fork where they are forced to redefine their focus. The professional opportunities subsist to be greater, along with the money dished and time expended but in doing so it increases the worth of higher education earned to definitively become her competitive advantage.

{Aristotle} The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.

It’s a great leap for those brave of heart and a crucial turning point in Katie’s life, like most ambitious grads. It’s quintessentially the notorious college conundrum. For me however it brought no completeness to the career I longed to pursue; the ends didn’t justify the means.

Had you been confronted with the same enigma after college?

Was your decision justified and did you find the fuel you were seeking post-graduate life?
Did attaining your master’s degree help differentiate you amongst the sea of peers?

Time will tell where this determined graduate will take her acquired knowledge thus far. Katie, we hope that you discover which avenue will further develop your acumen and place wonderful career advancement opportunities at your feet.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to photograph this significant moment in your life and many congratulations on your commencement!

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