One Little Monkey.

The first year of life. Is it not the most dynamic and full of so many changes? Watching as your wee-one grows each and every day, developing their emotional responses and motor skills. These first 365 days are the corner stone of your baby’s life. A celebration for this wonderful milestone is joyously welcomed. Friends and family come from afar to spend a few hours relishing in this accomplishment. Baby J was no different. Excitement filled the air when we arrived. Last minute details were being placed in their proper positions, and a feast that any king might be jealous of was lavishly placed upon the tables.

Baby J’s mom did an absolutely incredible job organizing and prepping for this beautiful celebration. The theme of course was monkey but the girly details made it a perfect fit for this darling little one.

The friends that attended Baby J’s birthday were mostly under the age of 5, so the entertainment was such an exciting bonus. Mr. Monkey actually attended and entertained the birthday girl and her guests with songs, dancing, a parachute, and bubbles!

And then it was time for the song and cake! As Baby J’s utensil skills are still being developed, and her parents wanted her to enjoy her birthday dessert, they had a “smash cake” made for her. I have seen this technique tried a few times…mostly ending with the child losing interest in the cake or not understanding the idea…but not this little doll! She figured the concept out very quickly and had the BEST time eating her treat!

Enjoy your day Miss J! We were so honored to be able to attend your fabulous party and can’t wait to watch you grow. Stay on the move and we shall see you soon!




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  1. Judith says:

    I love love love it. You are so talented in so many ways. From your splendid writing of including so many varied descriptive words to those top-notch pics, I am SO freakin’ PROUD to call you my best friend.

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