my handicap: woods and irons.

“Golf gives you an insight into human nature, your own as well as your opponent‘s.” – Grantland Rice

Every weekend is a new opportunity to explore the world with your family and friends, and try to discover something that you perhaps missed in prior days. The weekend past, was no exception, and my friends and I tried a double date at the golf course. Of course I had to bring along the lens…always looking for an opportunity to snap a piece of time.

Golf is very soothing to me. I grew up with a dad that preferred golf resorts to beach villas, so summer vacation highlights were always getting to drive around in the cart with dad. I never did mind, it was always so much fun being allowed to drive or push the gas pedal when there were other people near. The 18 hole adventure was always so quiet, broken only by the sound of the cart engine, a water feature, or the “plomp” of the golf ball against a club. Perhaps it is these memories that enhance my experience whenever I am on a course.

On this glorious Saturday afternoon, we decided to try out the Rio Pinar Country Club. This is one of the oldest courses in Orlando, and is said to be the root of the strong growth in golf in this area. The buildings certainly did hold their era, but the course had many mature trees with manicured fairways and greens.

Golf is definitely one of those sports where, no matter how often you practice, reminders and pointers are always needed to help ease your frustration. Watching our friends Jenn and Andrew I was reminded of why patience is a virtue.

Jenn, like myself, gets frustrated when the people you are playing with hit the ball seemingly with ease, and watch it soar towards the green, whereas her ball takes off down the course with hardly any air underneath. Granted, it is no less shameful than a ball that flies high into the air, but for some reason everyone feels bad for not hitting the ball like a pro. But alas, her fiance was quite the gentleman, and quietly encouraged and guided her whenever she asked, and in no time she was giving the guys a run for their money.

The day progressed, and the 18th hole approached. Many new experiences were shared and a few lessons appreciated. For me the quiet of the course gave me strength to face a new week filled with many noises and chatter.



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