the Loveliest of them All.

It was early when Jacqueline and I finally climbed out of our beds. It was a Saturday morning, a holiday for the Irish, and we were on our way to meet the cutest little family, in a forgotten part of Fort Lauderdale. As we are not as familiar with the one-way streets and parking garages in the area we arrived earlier than our clients. We scoped out the surrounding buildings and landscapes for the perfect backdrops for this adventuresome trio. And then we met Mister C. Beautiful baby boy with his tiny curls and light eyes! He was more than willing to share smiles and coos with his new lady photography friends! As we strolled to our first location, we excitedly chatted with the new mom and dad about how life was going and what their journey had been like thus far.

We started in a grassy nook with the sun nicely hidden behind a small building and had mom and dad interact with their little man. All three were a natural and it wasn’t long before the initial trepidations had slipped away and everyone was catering to the entertainment needs of “C”. Mom came armed with the usual arsenal of toys and even a favorite ring tone, but it was the sound of a familiar song that evoked the most response from baby C. The Unicorn Song…this title was alien to Jacquie and I and we weren’t accustomed to any of the lyrics…but the reaction we recieved from little baby C was one we were most certainly looking for. His attention shot straight to us, his eyes bright while he delightfully clapped his hands.

The artistic picture we were aiming to accomplish took a few tries. “C” was not one to stray too far from the strong and protective arms of his dad or the loving and nurturing hands of his mother. We would attempt to distract baby C from his whereabouts, but our exertion was eventually met with the bottom side and striped pants of our smallest subject crawling faithfully towards the waiting spot of his parents. :)

Every family has a story and every story has an author. There are many instances and specific items that may beckon us to recall the significance of a larger moment. The days before little C entered the world, a Great-Grandmother sat wondering what her future great-grandson would look like, what the world would be like as he grew up, and how she could perhaps stay a part of his life long after her time had passed. An heirloom was the token she decided to create…and oh what a magnificent blanket it turned out to be. Bright in colors with two uniquely patterned sides, and a monogram to remind him of his beginnings. Very few of us will be blessed with such a gift and precious C was one of the lucky ones. And although his bottom did not want to stay seated, he joyfully played on his treasured blanket while mom and dad looked on.

Oh the faces one can make! I believe as adults we forget that there are in fact an abundance of facial expressions that we can put forth to the world and bookmark on film. As life has yet to teach him any different, baby C was not aware that a family portrait requires eye contact and a smile…but we believe that it is these tiny details that will forever embellish your images and captivate whomever opens your family album, looking through the days before life spelled out all the rules.

As with any small being, fatigue often sets in after a highly stimulating experience. The smiles were still easy to extract but they required even more entertainment. Swinging in between his parents was the ticket to the last set of images. Little “C” stuck with us and gave us those gummy smiles and expressions once more as we pushed him to his limit. This last image was one of my favorites. It just makes you smile and want to know all his secret thoughts.

We would like to thank the McAuley’s for taking time out of your busy lives, and for sharing a beautiful Satruday morning with us! We greatly enjoyed our session with you all and can’t wait to see how much little “C” has grown!

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