Kiss the Girl.

What is the one place that comes to mind whenever the city of Orlando is mentioned within earshot? Disney. That’s right. That magical place that holds so much wonder and enchantment that it makes deep impressions upon us and captivates us for the rest of our lives. In a town where fairy tale dreams come true each and every day, it is hard not to get caught up in the splendor of Disney. Chris and Jayde are no exception.

After meeting at Florida State University and studying for not only their Bachlor’s but their Master’s as well, these two often take their breaks only to see family…and when things get really intense, they break for Mickey. Close enough to have a get-away, but not far enough away to have to make extensive arrangements, these two would often seek the refuge of this Magical Kingdom. And so over the years, Disney has not only become a favorite childhood memory, but a part of their relationship and future.

We met at the Boardwalk, and exactly as it sounds, it was a small harbor with shops, bakeries, and street vendors along the shore. Four-seater bicycles were for rent and ice-cream was for sale. The perfect getaway. Of course the infamous photo-booths graced the railing and as this couple was a playful bunch, they seized the opportunity to flirt with each other amongst the black, stiff curtains.

Picture Perfect in every way.

“The greatest showplace on Earth,” that could definitely describe every Boardwalk across the globe, but could it not also describe each couple’s ever expanding ever lasting love? Each day an adventure. Each moment an opportunity. To watch a couple in love is almost like watching an intricate dance laid out before your eyes. Drama, passion, fury, love. So fun, so amazing.

As the rain clouds slowly moved from west to east, our lighting only got better. Chris and Jayde couldn’t help but stop and watch as the weather seemed to change before our eyes. The sun was sent behind the dominating clouds, and the colors of the Boardwalk and lake seemed to deepen in hue in only an instant.

Love for every couple is different, not a single person can understand what another individual is feeling, but watching these two you could tell the depth of the caring and understanding. Of course time helps with these sentiments, and going on 6 years of being together, a couple definitely develops some of these characteristics. But it is the little moments that something deeper emerges. When you are in front of a million strangers and a couple of photographers, and all you want to do is brush the hair off of your love’s face just so you can peek at her beautiful eyes…that is how you know it is a little bit more.

Coming so far and weaving the Disney icon into their relationship, it is no wonder that this magnificent couple decided on Disney as the location for their wedding. With school nearing the climax towards the end and life changes happening quickly and fiercely, their wedding maybe their last escape from the daily life. What girl wouldn’t want all her dreams to come true on her wedding day? In fact if someone offered to take care of all the details, and all you had to do was arrive and be a fabulous princess for a day, who wouldn’t say no to the offer?

[There you see her, Sitting there across the way…She don’t got a lot to say, But there’s something about her.
And you don’t know why, But you’re dying to try…You wanna kiss the girl.]

I leave you this quote, to sum up our entire experience with these two young love birds. Any guesses on their favorite Disney movie?? (Clues are found throughout this post!)

Thank you Chris and Jayde for a wonderful photo session. We can’t wait to hear from you and your wedding details!

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6 Responses to “Kiss the Girl.”

  1. Jayde & Chris says:

    Thank you both so much for the wonderful photo shoot. These photos are absolutely incredible, and we could not be happier! The weather was great, the atmosphere electric, and it was fantastic getting to share such a special day with both of you. :-)

  2. Marie Lorentz Hurd says:

    The Little Mermaid!
    Very cute pictures ladies, excellent work as always

  3. Ilyne says:

    Beautiful job on the photos of Chris and Jayde!! Every picture tells a story and you both do it exceedingly well!!

  4. Ronnie says:

    I enjoyed the pictures of such a special couple! Looking forward to seeing the wedding pictures. Wishing you both the best!

  5. Abbe says:

    I love the photos of Chris and Jayde…I’m sure the wedding will be magical!

  6. Kathy says:

    great pictures! Wishing the best of luck on they embark on the next chapter in their lives!

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