Postcard from Italy.

There is a place, in the middle of Central Florida, that makes the most native of Italians, feel like they are home again. That is the spot we chose for this fresh-in-love couple. Meet Jo and Rafael. They (like the postcard states) just got engaged!

Such a sweet and romantic couple they were. You could tell each cared tenderly for the other. It hardly took any effort for the pair to pretend we were not there and go about exploring this little world as if we weren’t in it. The pictures truly tell the tale of the extent of their love.

As we walked around this resort oasis we came across a bridge with access to the underside of its belly. Into the dark cave we went for these EXTRAORDINARY pictures. Sometimes Plan B is much more exciting than anything you could have imagined for Plan A. This has to be one of the sexiest pictures.

The truly intense nature of their beauty and love can be seen all over their faces. With her ring sparkling like a white hot fire, Jo’s gaze is the only thing you see. An immensely passionate couple these two are, deep in love, with no signs of needing to come up for air.

Like two balls of energy, the intensity of their session gave them extra energy and before our eyes they started dancing. Swirling and twirling, her hand in his, they stepped to an inaudible tune by the water’s edge. One, two, three…one, two, three, dip! These two were always playing with each other. Always exploring their world together.

Symbols. We, at SolisLux, love symbols. It’s as though we are able to talk with our pictures. One of the keepsakes that Jo treasures from her love, is a song Rafael wrote for her. She, being able to play the guitar, will play for him on occasion, while he sits and watches and learns from her. As if a photoshoot was not even happening we overheard Jo teaching Rafael chords and why she did certain things with her hands as we paraded around them. Of course, this is the exact environment that we yearn to work in!

Rafael is a former member of the Armed Forces and whether out of habit or a sense of duty he still wears his dog tags. The book you see in the background is a gift that his bride-to-be gave to him on his birthday. It is a cookbook! :-) Rafael loves to cook, and having tasted some of his delectable meals, I would say that he is pretty amazing at it. The book was huge, filled with thousands of recipes in need of exploring.

After a long day sitting in the shade with your gorgeous lover flipping through the crisp, new-smell of a book a sense of relaxation overtakes you and you want to snuggle up together to enjoy each others presence. We were so fortunate to meet this couple and cannot thank them enough for letting us into their bubble to snap some amazing pictures.

Thank you Jo and Rafael! We had a great time with you, and cannot wait to hear how the wedding plans are coming!

For even more pictures of these two, check out their Facebook Album!




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