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If you know John the way I do, he was always a popular ‘kid’ with friends of many avenues surrounding him. I will spare you all of his wonderful qualities since there are too many to dispel, but I will admit that he is one of the most considerate and sincere guys you will ever meet. I can guarantee it. My husband and I are so fortunate to have made a lifelong friend out of our childhood comrade who was and still is both loyal and kind with a grand touch of respectfulness and polish.

Naturally, we became vested in his life (he was one of our groomsmen) and the softhearted, beautiful flaxen lady he introduced to us before our wedding day several years ago. Instantaneously you could see that together John and Lindsay both contributed a beautiful peacefulness and radiance that complemented each other. Where one was sweet the other was tender, where one was shy the other was gently amiable and though they were uniquely different they were so supportive of the whole.




Reciprocal encouragement, appreciation, patience and love are so evident in the way John and Lindsay relay their adoration. Having had some years to witness their love grow and flourish, we’ve been lucky enough to observe that this recipe of theirs just works. And I have no doubts that in their presence you too would feel that ever-sweet comfort and inspiration. Being bystanders and cheerleaders on their journey is truly wonderful as these two just tug at your heart strings. What’s more… they are incredible friends!


“Faith makes all things possible. Hope makes all things work. Love makes all things beautiful.”

A love like theirs, with deep roots in family (their little man was featured HERE too) and faith is not only a rare find but an uplifting one. They have made the decision that their marriage will take refuge in God where their hearts and souls can rejoice as one. Above all else that intensity and unfailing passion they share, as a foundation to their relationship, will surely enfold and bond them.


We are so excited to witness how John and Lindsay’s love will continue to strengthen and grow in the years ahead. For, when placed with the demands of commitment, we hope that they always find happiness and never lose sight of their tender devotion to one another.

Thank you, John and Lindsay for trusting us to photograph these amazing moments in your lives. We are truly blessed and honored to call you great friends.

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    You can really see the love here! Beautiful :)

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