Haro Wedding | Hillsboro Lighthouse | South Florida Wedding Photography

All little girls grow up dreaming of their wedding day. Some more than others, but still the same, you have an idea or two before you ever get the proposal. Living in Florida the dream day is usually imagined with blue waters, white sand, a crisp sky, a colorful sunset and the picture perfect moment. The Haro wedding checked all the boxes and then some. Mother Nature dealt us quite the hand this beautiful Saturday… except maybe the wind.

We could have done with a little less hurricane-force gusts that day, although when you are looking through the following images you will have no idea that we were battling it. The wind is definitely something most people do not think about when planning any sort of outdoor event. It sneaks up on you the moment of the big day and suddenly you are concerned about this particular force that you hadn’t even known was charted on your weather app. But I digress.

We arrived on the shores of Hillsboro beach, at the very point where there sits a lighthouse. Lighthouses are particular meaningful to Lisa and Kenny as they promised they would wed each other in front of one. <3 As our groom is a member of the United States Coast Guard, the house guarding the coastal shores also serves as a protecting beacon and symbol. We would like to take a small moment and thank both Kenny and Lisa; Kenny, thank you for serving our country and for the personal sacrifices you make to keep us all safe.

This very special day was filled with so many smiles, so much color, and many, many cheers. As we gazed back at this absolutely perfect day for Lisa and Kenny we both couldn’t help but smile to ourselves. These two are so in love and so perfect for each other. They truly are meant to share their lives together.

Happy Wedding Day Lisa and Kenny! Enjoy!



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  1. Lisa Haro says:

    Thank you so so soooo much Jackie and Ashley!!! These photos are unbelievable! We thank you both so much for putting up with the wind and for making us feel so special! You two are the best! I absolutely love each and every single picture here!! Thank you again!!!

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