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Oh how time does seem to zip right past us. It has been about a year and a half since we last saw this beautiful family. Little Colin was only crawling at that time. Fast forward — and boy has he grown! He was just as sweet as the day we first met him, a little shy but he quickly emerged from his shell. And not only has he turned into a handsome young man, but there is a little “Miss C” on the way to join this lovely family.

Although the season of fall was upon us, the temperature was still quite warm and the trees still exuded their lush green boughs. We first gathered underneath the enormous Banyan tree that shaded a small meadow which harbored many a picnic at the park. Colin was a bit timid and was not entirely sure who we were or what Mom and Dad had signed him up for. A few swings in the air and a shoulder ride from Pops lightened the mood and put him in a decidedly cheerful frame of mind. He started talking and walking around, politely asking if he could play on the swing set…such a gentleman.

Big Brother! YES!

The family brought these oh-so-tiny embellishments that they planned to adorn little Chloe with. Her tiny shoes with the protective father and big brother in the background simply melts my heart.

My dearest little sister, whom I adore…
God blessed me with you, forevermore.

Side by side, we will always be…
Through tears and heartache, I will never leave.

Through life’s trials we will work them out together…
What I am trying to say is I will love you forever.

We simply love our dads! Dads are the ones we wrestle with, tumble with, play with, run around and fall with. They inspire us to grow big and strong and in rare quiet moments, they teach us about right and wrong.

Miss Katie, you are glowing; such a gorgeous mommy-to-be. The colors and the wind played their parts beautifully that day.

Thank you so much for allowing us to capture this special time in your lives. We love watching you go from a family of 3 to a family of 4. These sweet memories will stay close to our hearts, but we absolutely cannot wait to meet Miss Chloe. Countdown til summer 2014…!



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