neverland of sleep.

It is rare to be greeted by a client whom hardly senses you near; one so enveloped by an idyllic slumber that their lashes hardly twitch as a cuff unbounds their wrist. Even detaching a cap and pilfering a binky proved no more meddling for her than the four crafty teenagers who ride around in the Mystery Machine. Try as I must to stimulate, tranquil and laid-back Madison Quinn was the type of client which newborn photographers dream of, one who scarcely stirred without so much as a murmur.

Like us, infants shift through the same cycles of sleep yet unlike us they expend a whopping 50% of their slumber in REM sleep; with premature babies that progressively increases to about 80%. Yet observing the peaceful uncontrolled twitches of muscles in limbs discovering stretches or witnessing lonesome suckling lips which have long since seized to feed, always leave you in wonder. For surely that newly developing, pint-sized mind is in a realm where adventures are not far between and created only in the cognizance of one so innocent and captivating.

For surely you must believe, as confidently as I, that there’s a soothing place which triggered Madison’s chest to rise and fall with each substantial gulp. That it too heightened her state of alertness so that she sporadically released a hefty sigh; this hypnotizing place was nothing less than the neverland of sleep. Now lolling here at a tender five days old, this sweetheart became seasoned in an impeccable taste of folk artists which only drew her in, deeper.

I’d imagined this feline reverie began much like the exercise of counting sheep. The rhythmic capering of silly kittens in every shade of the rainbow could certainly be fancied as the motivation behind her omniscient smile. Here they would tumble into a wooly field of blue as wee Madison outstretched her tiny creased fingers to entice a terrific snuggle-fest while she yielded into their velvety furs.

Still could it be that her heart was further charmed when galloping bareback on a handsome steed? Adventure is unhindered when the weightiest obstacle in her trail was merely the billowing wind over her newborn pixie cut. Because somewhere in every little girl’s genetic makeup there is a predisposition to perceive allure in any and all majestic creatures.

Be it the inquisitive owl cap which ultimately, formally introduced beautiful Madison Quinn to me. Even succumbed to a slight touch of the cold she was ever still an unruffled dream with gentle, skimming blue-grey peepers.

I must digress though, that however reasonably convincing she had been it’s a known fact that babies are dreamless for a handful of their first years in life. Nevertheless, my idealistic convictions propel me in appreciating the illustrious interpretations behind every photograph. Especially those eluding into the blissful and magical slumberland.

I absolutely loved getting to capture you Miss Madison and hope that we get more opportunities to watch you grow and blossom. Thank you Mom for being so receptive and entrusting me with your little angel!!

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  1. Tina says:

    Great pictures, girls! I especially love the one of her smiling, and with the sock monkey collection! Keep up your amazing work!

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