Griffin Wedding | Honey Lake Plantation | Greenville, FL

Our sweet bride Amanda holds a special place in my heart. She and I were best friends in high school; the kind that kept all your secrets, never once talked behind your back, and always gave you good advice even if she knew it would upset you. The type of friend who becomes family. This comes as no surprise as the loved ones who surrounded Amanda taught the same loving and caring characteristics as she bestowed upon me.

I remember the first time I had heard the name Stephen. As any good friend does, I immediately put my Defense cap on and wanted to know all things relating to this new beau. Our first introduction put me at ease. He was sweet and kind, ambitious and family oriented. Everything I could hope for for my best friend. I knew Amanda and he would be a magnificent match.

Fast forward many years, and we are attending this beautiful celebration in honor of these two lovebirds. The day was filled with such joy and happiness. Traditions were reverently honored as family jewels and trinkets were placed on the bride. Even the silver flower that sat in her hair was a tradition inspired by the generations who went before her.

Her tiny niece sits atop the bed watching the commotion and the transformation of a fiancé to a bride.

Amanda’s great-grandmother wanted a peek at the bride in her chambers. Her expression reminds me of a child seeing the tree on Christmas morning; filled with such wonder and awe.

To my daughter on her wedding day
There will be a time when my thoughts wonder far away
And just for a moment I will see
My little girl as you used to be.

We went deep into the man cave to capture these handsome men donning their finest. And when I say man cave, I mean legitimate Man Cave. Gorgeous wood flanked the walls, mounts were elegantly placed, and a coffee table made with an alligator complimented the room. Stephen was his ever calm self with his father and brother by his side smoothing and tucking his suit. Amanda’s younger brothers were valiantly attempting to puzzle out the complex tie situation. Even Mr. Guthrie seemed to be handling the fact that his little girl was becoming a Mrs. in a few hours. All was merry and if nerves were felt they were not showing.

Here comes the bride.

This photo always puts the song The Boys are Back in Town in my head. Always. And I have seen this photo quite a few times. :)

As with every wedding, the day seems to evaporate and the last song is coming through the speakers. One last slow dance; one last minute to try and sear all the wonderful promises and kind wishes into your mind. One last look at your gorgeous bride or handsome groom. A final moment before your life as husband and wife officially starts.

Farewell Stephen and Amanda! May you live happily ever after! We know such wonderful things are in store for you and your family. Thank you for allowing us to capture this magnificient moment and for trusting us so completely. Stay loving and kind and, Stephen, take care of my girl! 😉

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  1. Amanda Griffin says:

    This is absolutely gorgeous! You did a beautiful job (though I did not expect anything less)! Your talent never ceases to amaze me!What you wrote at the beginning made me cry :) ! Forever a best friend you will be! Thank you and Jackie for capturing our night so perfectly!!
    Love always,
    Amanda Griffin

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