Dearmond Wedding | Jacaranda Country Club | Plantation, FL

Now that I have ‘ripened’ and come to grasp life outside of the ‘small town’ bubble I blossomed in, I’ve arrived at a revelation on friendships, privileges and blessings. For few women I’ve met on my twenty-seven year journey have assembled an incredible group of girlfriends like my own, comparable to sisters by stretch of time endured together. What is more, with that bonded reciprocal sense of dependability you discovered a familial acceptance through your tender, awkward and assertive years. A shared tolerance and approval, where you came to fancy and appreciate each other’s’ siblings exactly the way they did yours; despite your own thoughts of appearing uncool with a tag-a-long in the first place.

Sweet Caitlin was no more than five years young when we were introduced. Holding fast to a coy smile which peeked from beneath rosy cheeks, her cherub-like face kindly peered up at me as I grasped the pureness behind her lively blue eyes. Her flaxen hair cascaded and encased her as she affixed herself to her older sister’s limb where behind Caitlin’s small figure a scope of pink hues greeted me while I caught a glimpse of the dolls assuredly slumbering at her bare feet.

As with all of my friends’ siblings, I commonly veered from my usual visit and often occupied myself with the littlest relative’s engaging gaiety; little Miss Caitlin had been no exception. :) Still some of my fondest memories were when we all rehearsed our music in harmony and darling Caitlin unobtrusively opened the bedroom door without the intention to interrupt. She’d serenely locate her special place on her big sister’s lap and there she’d visit, just to listen in sheer delight.

With some countless years embedded in the soles of our shoes, my trek ultimately led me to document the self-sacrificial love between Caitlin and her soon-to-be husband Luke in their beautiful, sacred union. As somewhere along her budding journey, charming Caitlin found love in Luke and together they received their gift from God. Wholeheartedly they have chosen to give total dependence to Him as the authority in their marriage. Armed with the power to propel their marriage in Him, the radiance these two emitted completely captivated everyone in attendance.

Ashley and I were welcomed that morning to a roomful of composed eagerness and enthusiasm.  No sooner had we arrived when I immediately observed those features still reminiscent of the little girl I so often doted on. Evident was the pureness in Caitlin’s gaze and still endearing was her dependence on her loving sister, who tenderly rouged her lips and traced the outline of those optimistic baby blues.

It was during the recitation of the ceremony, from Caitlin’s benevolent brother-in-law, that I soon witnessed and understood just how profound their union as husband and wife would be. It was in the rapt gaze they each embraced and the sincere, authentic declarations of God’s message to their hearts on their ‘roads of destiny’.

Their honest and beautiful vows reaffirmed that they had in fact received the richest blessings in each other and their first feat as husband and wife confirmed faith in the basis of their marriage with the beautifully symbolic act of communion. With God central to their lives Luke and Caitlin have begun to create a foundation that will foster faithfulness, exclusivity and solidity.

This is one of the miracles of love: It gives a power of seeing through its own enchantments and yet not being disenchanted.

It truly was a privilege to be witness to and capture the joy that this union has brought endearing Luke and Caitlin as well as their grateful families. These two young souls have certainly grasped that true devotion involves reflective and abiding respect. You are both an immense pleasure to be around and we girls hope that God continues to gift you with true marital love and harmony. May He always lead you and guide you through your adventures together as one.

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  1. Caitlin Dearmond says:

    Hi Jaquie and Ashely,

    I read the blog yesterday, it was so amazing! Made me tear up a bit. :)
    It was really great writing and such a blessing to read
    and see the pictures. I love when you talked about how you met me
    when I was little Jaquie, so sweet. Xoxo

    Caitlin Dearmond

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