Sing her Praises.

Little girls are the nicest things that can happen to people.
They are born with a bit of angel-shine about them, and though it wears thin sometimes,
there is always enough left to lasso your heart. | Alan Beck

This isn’t a novel revelation as it’s obvious that this particular bitsy girl has stolen our hearts and enchanted our cameras yet again. For there is art to be seen in her stare that immediately prompts our fingers to click without hesitation; Aubree just has that “angel-shine”. She is rambunctious and vivacious for a girl of three, ever spritely in delicate dresses yet resilient and tough towards unexpected tumbles.

In a year’s time I have been beckoned and initiated into this spunky little one’s magical world of frolicking and cheer. Aubree’s once demure very-two-year-old timidity was shed soon after our first photographic jaunt through the sunset drenched, tree-lined playground last spring. Her visage is now a comfortable home to an ever-present innocent smile while still featuring that incredible cerulean, precocious stare. Where there still I found a serene maturity which perpetually highlighted and framed her adorable little face.

This newly confidant toddler was content in front of the cameras, fluttering about with purpose and girlish charm. It was enough to take you by surprise if you weren’t aware of the rhythms and characteristics that each age group delivers. No longer driven by the urge to disobey, this little Aubree was a genuine delight still curiouser though quite assured while exclaiming approval of our many demands.

“Okay, Jacquie let’s play!”

Presently, with my partner along for the endearing ride, we joined this precious babe in a familiar land of make believe. Familiar of course for it’s one we’ve all been lost in some tens of years ago. To be in the inner circle of a fickle and complex three-year-old you must fluently speak their language by quite frankly ‘shedding‘ your lackluster adult-self along the way. Because “Simon” only says things if you willingly play along and no sooner will you find yourself a driver being shouted commands of changing traffic lights, “red light…green light”.

Ashley and I dove right in!

This ever recognizable place with sweet and candid Aubree also drove us to encounter the inner leap frog within us when she notably mentioned just how deep the sidewalk cracks would go. Alas, there was no way around it but to skip as she gleefully provoked us with play and we continued to capture her wonder.

As if games with Simon, wild stop and go antics and leaping frogs were not enough to “lasso your heart” surely the dainty girl who dipped with elation to clutch a multitude of tiny colored flowers would. She would pause if for a moment, sniff their perfume and skip away lightheartedly to her final cruise aboard a magical carousel.

Meandering through games of make-believe was draining. All too effortlessly to break from, though it was evident that to this darling little one playtime was exceptionally engrossing. Just then as captivation filled her eyes I immediately distinguished what set this one-year-wiser Aubree apart from her two-year-old self, it was the control in those eyes that easily delivered a variety of expressions more-so today.

We absolutely loved getting to play with you once again Miss Aubree and hope that this becomes a tradition as it’s a pleasure capturing your magnetism for your family and friends. Thank you Mom and Dad for being our first return clients!!

For even more images of Aubree make sure to visit her Facebook album.




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