the Ocean’s Calling.

It was a gustful and gloomy morning. Hardly any tourists left the comfort of their hotel rooms to embark on an adventure in the sand. The beaches held only lifeguards and our small group. Cameron came teetering down the shore line, apprehension of the day’s activities was never seen in his eyes. As past experiences had taught us, most toddlers did not care for harsh environments. We were so thrilled to be proven wrong by Cameron. He loved the small wind storm we were experiencing! Even as the sand whipped against his soft skin he simply sat and played with all his brightly colored toys.

His bright blue eyes played well against the stormy sky. He sat and was immediately lost in his imaginary play-world. A call of his name would pull him from his thoughts and lock his intense gaze upon our lenses, but it was the quiet moments that struck at your emotional chords.

We encouraged Cameron to explore his surroundings. The ocean was calling his name and he had yet to venture to it. As if he had suddenly noticed this huge entity of water he took off from his perch and raced towards the shoreline.

The ocean is seemingly an uncomprehensible thing.

As you may imagine, the magic of the unknown world before him seemed to coax Cameron further to its lips. A fun scoop from the edge brought him back to play underneath the pier. A game of animals sounds was invoked to try and sway Cameron’s mind from the ocean’s grasp. His giggles and cries of excitement during this moment portrayed so sweetly on film.

Thank you Lindsay and John for all of your help to capture these incredible shots of Cameron. We greatly enjoyed getting to know him and can’t wait to see you all again! For more pictures of Cameron’s beach adventure visit our Facebook Album!




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  1. Katie says:

    This album is absolutely precious! Beautiful shots, ladies.

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